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Podcast Support

Many people like the idea of creating a podcast to further their authority in their field. I've been working with podcasts for several years and can help you produce your own audio podcast. I can help with:

  • Episode content writing and editing
  • Edit your audio file (removing dead space, the "hums", and anything else that will help "clean it up") as well as adding any "bumper" music that we want to use to make it more dynamic and recognizable to repeat listeners
  • Create the graphics to provide the visuals for the various online places the file will be upload to
  • Upload the completed audio file and graphics to Internet sources


The purpose of a Whitepaper is to build trust and to get leads by positioning you as a leader in your industry or market and to present useful and persuasive research and information about your services.

I typically take a problem-solution approach which will walk the reader through your solution to customer's issue.

We'll show readers that you're reliable, experienced, and adept in what you do.

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