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Customer is a neighbor who recently learned of my profession as a website designer and that I have extensive experience in WordPress. He mentioned he had a WordPress blog that was terribly out of date and wanted to know if I could take a look at it and offer some recommendations.

Once I received my neighbor's email with all the details, I realized his blog was on the WordPress.com platform. This is fine; I just didn't have as much familiarity with the platform's capabilities and limitations as I do with a self-hosted WordPress website. But WordPress works pretty much the same either way.

I reviewed the website, which used a very basic theme and began writing up my recommendations for improvement based on my neighbor's desired changes. This was a nice set of instructions to help him navigate through making the changes he wanted to make.

After sending the email with the instructions on how to implement the changes, my neighbor stopped me in the community and let me know that he neither has the time nor the desire to "learn" WordPress. He wanted to hire me to make the changes and be done with it so he could get back to blogging.

We met a few days later to discuss the changes he wanted to make in further detail so I was clear. He provided me with login capability and shortly after our brief meeting I was logged into he admin page and began making changes.

We kept his original theme but added a menu bar which wasn't set up and enhanced the sidebar. I also categorized his posts using the logic he shared during our meeting and created a couple navigation elements (the menu and sidebar) that helped organize his writings better for his readers.

I implemented a few more widgets in the sidebar to help enrich the visitors experience and in about an hour I was finshed.

I hadn't received word about any reactions from his readers but I hope they find the blog a little easier to navigate.

If you are needing to enhance and/or troubleshoot your WordPress website and need assistance please let me know.

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