Broken JotForm on GoDaddy Website

Customer called to report that a secure form was not working correctly on their business website and asked for assistance in correcting this issue.

The website was built a long time ago by someone at GoDaddy using GoDaddy's website builder application and that person incorporated a JotForm into the website to provide for a secure form that collected sensitive information from potential new customers.

In the past, Customer would receive an automated email from JotForm each time a submission was made with vital information required to conduct new business. This is the primary way new business is secured so having a functioning online application is crucial to Customer.

Customer attempted to work with GoDaddy Support via phone to correct the issue but wasn't getting anywhere with the support she needed to correct the problem in getting application information sent to her via email. Instead, they advised to contact JotForm for assistance.

Unfortunately, JotForm, at this time, did not have a listed phone number for support, only an email form on their website which indicated it could be up to 6 hours before a response. Even if she got through I don't think she would have had an easy time getting help because she didn't have access to the account that managed the form.

I can image several emails back and forth just getting JotForm support to understand who she is and her situation. This could have resulting in a lot of lost time and increased frustration.

Any way, no one in business wants to wait for that kind of service so Customer contacted me in hopes I could help. We had been introduced by a mutual acquaintance and have been working on a separate website and digital media project when she thought I could help.

Once she shared her dilemma, I quickly logged into her GoDaddy website and attempted to see if there was a failure of the application code from the website. There didn't appear to be any apparent issues but it still wasn't delivering submission data to her.

Instead of me contacting JotForm and waiting up to 6 hours for an answer, Customer and I agreed to create a new JotForm account (Starter plan), rebuild the form she needed and get it live on the website as quickly as we can.

Customer proceeded to opened a new JotForm account, provided me with the login credentials and I went to work on rebuilding the new form based on the old one.

As I'm working in JotForm for the first time, I'm recognizing its value for the Customer. I began to think that the non-functioning form she had on the website may have been out of date and unable to complete its function. JotForm has very good tools for creating, publishing, and reporting forms of various types. I feel I may consider using them on other projects in the future.

After creating the new form I enabled Encrypt Form Data and obtained the Private Key that will help protect the sensative information entered on the new form. Once the form was secure I embedded a snippet of code and uploaded it on to the GoDaddy website page where the form should be.

Both Customer and I tested the form. Initially, she didn't' have access because she needed the private key assigned by JotForm. I sent her the key (file with privacy key information) in an email with instruction and she was able to upload the key and then view the test applications we created.

I still had work to do to get JotForm to email Customer the submitted information. After some searching I learned where to add a notification email, with the information she needed, upon JotForm receiving a new submission.

Testing was successful but the form was slow to open on the website. I decided to try replacing the code snippet with the full source code of the form and the speed vastly improved.

About a week later, Customer emailed me that several potential clients were not able to submit their online application. I quickly realized the GoDaddy website builder has a limitation for the amount of space for the long application. Initially it was fine. Something changed but not sure what and when.

I immediate removed the code and applied a button that links to the JotForm link on the appropriate webpage and created a menu option to the same linke.

Immediately, Customer received a complete application.

In the coming months Customer and I will be working together to create a new and better replacement website for the GoDaddy website on my servers and considering using the same JotForm in the new website.

If you are experiencing an issue with your website and need assistance please let me know.

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